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Mario Tennis Open

June 11, 2012

Hey everyone, today will be my first 3DS addition to the collection, Mario Tennis Open is a very addicting arcade sports game with tons of content to keep you playing for awhile. The single player is pretty awesome, but online play always adds to that experience right?! Well… it’s pretty good, but it does have some flaws.

When you connect to the network, you only get two options: Exibition Match (Friends) and Open Match (Regional Opponents). Exibition only offers Singles and Doubles game modes in an Open match. Adding further to this, you only really get to game modes. Tie Breaker for a quick match and Extended which is just a 2-Game, 1-Set match for… a quick match, then of course, you pick any of the game’s available courts to begin.  Open match is exactly the same with the exception of Rating, which will be added or taken depending on whether you win or lose.

This game is very fun, but the online play isn’t where the real focus is unfortunately, so I can’t recommend it a whole lot for the online aspect alone. If you’re into the series and bought it for both single and multiplayer though, feel free to add me for some quick but entertaining matches!

My Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 4639-8950-8890

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